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A Storm in the Mountains (String Quartet)
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A Storm in the Mountains (String Quartet)
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A Storm in the Mountains

A Storm in the Mountains is a string quartet based on a poem of the same name by one of Australia’s earliest poets;
Charles Harpur (1813 – 1868).

With the gothic drama of Coleridge and Wordsworth’s observance of nature, the poem tells of a lone boy’s afternoon, in charge of a herd, whilst witnessing a terrifying thunderstorm.  Capturing the sights and sounds of the Australian bush in amongst the mountains it contains references to various birdcalls, a bullfrog and ominous dingo howls.  The drama is heightened with an eagle struck by lightning and later a huge tree shattered also by lightning.  After the storm passes peace returns with the sound of “lessening torrents”… “watching earth’s happiness with quiet mind”.